Thousands of users, hundreds of tests— in one dashboard.

Zoom out to spot historical trends or drill down into the transaction level for troubleshooting. It's up to you!

What's included?


See how your app behaves in response to load in real time to get value out of every minute of the test.


Spot trends or persistent issues over time, and build them into custom reports with as little or as much information as you need.

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Transaction Detail

Dig deeper into transaction failure by seeing the full HTTP request and response data right from your dashboard.

Resource Utilization Metrics

Our real-time grid metrics show you the whole side of the performance story with CPU, memory, and network data from our nodes.

One interface

Our unified results interface gives you a standard format for your reports so that you can change or combine tools and still give the same metrics every time.

Team management & SSO

Advanced account management allows you to share your results with the people you want, giving you fine control over who sees what.