Case Study: How LaneOne Satisfied Performance Expectations from Day 1

Using load testing to prepare for concert ticket releases

At Tricentis Flood, it is our mission to enable continuous load testing for everyone. It's because of that mission that we get so excited whenever we hear a success story from one of our customers.

We recently heard from Josh Cronemeyer, the CTO of LaneOne, a premium service that provides an “all-inclusive” premium experience for top concerts—packaging great seats with parking or ride-share credit, a preferred entrance, special food and drink options, and concierge-grade customer support. Every part of this experience is powered by their cloud-based app.

Given that LaneOne’s mission is to deliver an exceptional end-to-end experience, their first publicized on sale had to go flawlessly. Compounding the pressure, their launch offered exclusive access to American Express card members for the best seats to the Eagles 2018 tour.

This meant that the first test for their new application would be a highly-publicized on-sale for an act that routinely sells out stadiums in a matter of minutes. They needed confidence that their application could handle extreme loads—before a single customer ever accessed the site.

Read the case study to hear about their experience load testing their app for a big launch. Check out the case study below to hear how it went in Josh's words, including how LaneOne:

  • Successfully load tested at both the protocol level and browser level
  • Iteratively assessed and optimized their system’s performance characteristics until their goals were met
  • Could rest assured that their brand-new application would meet high consume and partner expectations

Read more: How LaneOne Satisfied Performance Expectations from Day 1

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