Flood Load Testing Turns 4: Thanks Open Source Community

Thank you for four years of load testing with Flood

Today is Flood's 4th anniversary.

It has been an amazing ride so far and feels so long ago that I migrated code from an experimental project I first called the grid ...

commit ff0ddd08f910cad06f3fa14ee303d64d239f39f2
Author: Tim Koopmans
Date:   Mon Jul 15 21:28:19 2013 +1000

   migrated from the grid

It was on 15th July in 2013 that a friend and co-founder Mikel suggested we pair up and build a distributed load testing platform called Flood. I had the makings of a platform, he had the domain and after a coffee, meat pie and a handshake at a greasy spoon cafe we agreed to make this company called Flood IO.

Some +1.2M EC2 utilization hours, or +3PB worth of JVMs, or +4B threads later we get to today, 15th July in 2017 and so many things have changed!

We added another friend and co-founder Ivan to the team a couple of years ago. He has since made his mark by completely transforming the UI and leading the UX that you enjoy today.

We've managed to build a distributed load testing platform that customers love and is used by 5,537 companies from 75 countries around the globe.

People often ask how we manage to do this with such a small team.

We have way fewer resources than the companies we support. We rely on great tools like Intercom, Buildkite, Baremetrics, Stripe, Influx, Datadog, Fullstory, Bugsnag and of course Amazon. Through a whole lot of automation, a ton of innovation and of course lots of feedback from customers we strive to make load testing available to everyone.

I'm really proud of how far we've travelled bootstrapping this together. I'm really excited by the growth we have planned in the immediate future.

We'll be focusing on more ways to create load tests, simpler and faster execution and a deeper analysis of performance over time. It's what our customers are asking for and we can't wait to deliver.

It's been amazing to see how all of you have used your open source load testing tools and run them on our platform. JMeter is the crowd favorite by far, with lots of interest in Gatling and Selenium WebDriver as well.

I've personally witnessed load tests at all levels, from small businesses through to some of the busiest sites in the world. We're so grateful for letting us run your floods and managing your results in real time.

Thank you for letting us be part of your load testing story.

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