Load testing DNS

Using custom DNS in JMeter

UIn previous posts we have shown you how to load test using custom libraries to augment your test plans. Borrowing from this example of using the UDP sampler from the JMeter Plugins library already installed on grid nodes, we'll show you how to use a custom DNS library to extend your tests in JMeter.

Get the DNS Java Library

JMeter Plugins already provides a simple DNS Java Decoder which wraps the methods made available by this library however it is not included by default.

You can download the latest JAR from here, and save a zip archive with a folder structure like this: lib/ext/dnsjava-2.1.7.jar

Create a UDP Request

In JMeter create a UDP request and modify the data encode/decode class to refer to the custom library / wrapper we are using, in this case kg.apc.jmeter.samplers.DNSJavaDecoder.

Your request data should reflect the type of DNS record you are choosing.

Run the Flood Test

Upload both the archive and your test plan to Flood IO.

Observe the results! You'll be testing DNS in no time thanks to the support of the popular JMeter Plugins and custom libraries on Flood IO.

Start load testing now

It only takes 30 seconds to create an account, and get access to our free-tier to begin load testing without any risk.

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