Say Hello to Shamim

Meet Shamim, the most recent addition to our engineering team. She brings with her a lot of experience in development as well as a whole lot of energy!

Please say hello to Shamim Jahandideh, our next member to join our distributed engineering team.

Shamim brings over ten years of experience in developing software using different programming languages and several frameworks.  Her main expertise has mainly been Backend web development, however in the past few years she has expanded into Frontend web development, including several JavaScript and css frameworks.

As a software developer, Shamim is constantly getting herself familiar with new technologies and regularly learning exciting new techniques and practices to help me create more reliable, user-friendly software for the consumers.

Shamim has a passion for work culture. She strongly believes in transparency, autonomy, ownership, communication and the power of diversity.  She admires and enjoys working in and creating work environments that are fun, friendly and empathetic where everyone feels safe to speak up. Work environments where achievements and problems belong to the whole team rather than individuals.

Shamim believes with every decision that we make individually and as a team, we add something new to the world, let that be a positive value.

In her first weeks here, Shamim can already be found working on our exciting new Aqueduct feature, creating an intuitive user experience to add tunnels to your grids to allow for secure cloud load testing.

Please help us in welcoming Shamim to our team!

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