Say Kumusta to Nicole

Meet Nicole, a member of the Flood support team and one of the most vocal of us in social media and on our site. She's based in Maastricht, the Netherlands.

If you live in Europe and have had a question about Flood in the last 16 months, chances are you’ve already met Nicole. She has 8 years of experience in both functional and nonfunctional testing and a strong belief that really good software can change the world.

After spending most of her career as a performance testing consultant, making applications faster across many industries in both Australia and the Netherlands, she happily joined our customer success team at Flood, where she helps flooders on the European time zone troubleshoot scripts and ramp up their load tests on the cloud.

Nicole is passionate about communication and continually strives to meet people where they are, both technically and culturally.

Nicole is a frequent contributor to the Flood blog, where she writes about questions customers commonly ask her. She also helps maintain the Flood help articles and creates tutorial videos for the Tricentis Academy to help bridge the knowledge gap between beginner and load tester. Earlier this year she spoke at TestCon in Moscow about how cognitive biases can hinder performance testing (and to her surprise, didn’t faint in public).

Talking to customers all day is energizing for an extrovert like Nicole. She’ll happily switch from correcting Beanshell code in JMeter to helping flooders choose a tool to script in without blinking an eye. As a multinational polyglot, Nicole loves to travel, and nothing makes her smile like a surprise interaction with someone in one of the many foreign languages she’s always learning.

If you see her around in chat or the twittersphere, say “kumusta” (“hello” in her native language of Tagalog) to Nicole!

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