The Role of Load Testing in ThoughtWorks’ Technology Radar

Our goal at Flood is to bring load testing to everyone

Flood IO is honored to be recognized as a recommended platform in ThoughtWorks’ Technology Radar, Vol. 17. The Technology Radar provides valuable insight into how software providers are responding to the ongoing demands of “digital transformation.” The report’s public mission is to “champion software excellence and revolutionize IT” – a mission that is more important than ever today, when options for techniques, tools, and SaaS platforms saturate the market.

Ensuring application performance is no easy task considering the demands that enterprises face when it comes to software. Software is increasingly the main interface between a company and their customers. A customer expects their user experience to be intuitive and, above all, fast. Recent Google studies showed that “53% of mobile site visits result in a user leaving a page that takes longer than three seconds to load.” Source.

If that’s the type of pressure a company is facing on a performance level, it’s no surprise we need to “revolutionize IT,” as ThoughtWorks states. The legacy performance testing approaches of yesterday are too late, too heavy, and too slow to keep up with the demands of today’s users. Teams practicing DevOps need instant insight into whether their incremental changes are negatively impacting application performance.

To make things more complicated, the popularity of Agile has broken down many traditional software roles, driving both developers and testers to closely collaborate on “DevTest” teams. The idea that “Performance is everyone’s responsibility” is an emerging mantra. In this new dynamic, how can developers and testers do load testing without stepping on the toes of the dedicated performance testers?

Flood IO’s solution is to make performance testing more accessible to a broader range of players: “load testing for everyone.” As the Tech Radar states:

“Load testing became easier with the maturity of tools such as Gatling and Locust. At the same time, elastic cloud infrastructures make it possible to simulate a large number of client instances. We’re delighted to see Flood and other cloud platforms go further by leveraging these technologies. Flood IO is a SaaS load-testing service that helps to distribute and execute testing scripts across hundreds of servers in the cloud. Our teams find it simple to migrate performance testing to Flood by reusing existing Gatling scripts.”

If companies can ever hope to meet and exceed consumer demand, performance testing must truly become everyone’s responsibility. That however, simply cannot happen without the right tools in place to make testing accessible, intuitive, and business-friendly.

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