Tricentis Flood Becomes AWS Advanced Technology Partner

Flood and AWS play together well (officially) to bring you the best experience in load testing on the cloud

Tricentis is proud to announce that its cloud solutions, namely Tricentis Flood, have recently achieved the prestigious Advanced  Tier Technology Partner distinction from AWS.  The advanced tier of partnership has the highest level of requirements on Technology Partners, including stringent reviews of how partners are using AWS in their solution.

At Flood, we believe strongly in the benefits of using the cloud for load testing your applications.  With AWS as a consistent leader in IaaS, we will continue to invest in this fast growing cloud partnership ecosystem.

If you are looking to use AWS for your cloud load testing, you will be pressed to find a more complete solution than Flood.  Specifically, we give 2 distinct hosting options to allow you increased flexibility in how you create your load from the cloud:

  1. Demand option: uses a multi-tenant, public cloud account to generate your load.  Allows for easy set up and straightforward billing, with a single invoice for all load testing costs.  This is best for teams looking to test publicly available apps, and where simplicity is desired.
  2. Hosted option: uses your own AWS account to create load injectors.  This is the most flexible option, being that it can create load within a VPC and allows for easier access behind firewalls using elastic IP's.  However, this requires some configuration and expertise with AWS, as well as billing both from Flood and AWS (for the server usage).

If you are looking to load test in the cloud using AWS, we are eager to speak with you and share our expertise helping thousands of companies load test in the cloud.  Please feel free to reach out to us and schedule a consultation where we can walk you through the process.

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