Customer Case Study

User Enrollment for 5 Million Patients

Making sense of insurance options, improving health care outcomes, and lowering costs is hard for everyone. Rally Health is an easy-to-use integrated platform that makes complex benefit options understandable. Rally’s products guide users through the process of evaluating, choosing, enrolling in, and using the benefits that best meet their specific needs.

  • Location: United States
  • Company Size: 500
  • Daily Concurrent Users: 20,000
  • Industry: Software / Health Care
  • Tools of choice: Gatling, JMeter
The Challenge

Concurrency increased 14x

Rally had a banner year, onboarding several large clients to their portfolio.  With these new clients came a challenge – they were increasing overnight from 1-2 million to 5 million registered users on the platform.  Concurrency was previously around 700 users, and now would reach over 10,000 users overnight.  Additionally, many more users would be trying to access the platform for the first time as they got their first access to the platform.

The Solution

End-to-end performance

With Flood, the team at Rally Health was able to create a scalable load testing environment with little effort, testing with 10,000 or more users with ease.   By using JMeter and Gatling, they were able to get the development team to contribute to continuous load testing and build a culture of performance with regular load testing of each build.  Rally Health was able to leverage their own AWS to generate load securely from their own environment and test environments that are not always publicly available.

Products Used


Gatling is a high performing, open source load testing tool. Gatling simulates load at the protocol level, with a strong focus on web-based applications and related protocols.


Apache JMeter™ is a widely used, well known, and accessible, open source load testing tool. JMeter simulates load at the protocol level, and while it focuses on web-based applications, it also supports many other protocols.


Flood Grid handles deploying load generators such as JMeter or Element to the cloud at the press of a button, so that you can focus on results.

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