Start load injectors from anywhere in minutes.

Deploy your load testing scripts quickly and at scale with easy orchestration.

What's included?


Provision load generators on the cloud and on demand, scaling up and down as your testing needs change.


Turn your existing on-premise machines into an army of load generators.

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Create a secure tunnel to an application behind a firewall and run tests against it on the cloud.

Deploy at any scale

Our shared-nothing architecture can scale well beyond the limits of traditional central control based load testing products. This allows you to run your tests wherever you want and scale your simulation to any amount of users.

One interface

We bring all these tools into a simple interface so that you get identical machines on the cloud at the press of a button.

Global coverage

With our AWS and Azure integrations we collectively support more than 50 regions, so you can simulate load from where your customers are located.

Start load testing now

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