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Starting with 500 Virtual User Hours free every month.

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Pay only for what you use

Our simple pricing scales to fit the way your team tests, with no commitments, termination fees, or usage limits. All features are available, no matter how much, or little you use. For continuous load testing, you need to run your tests every day and have the flexibility to fulfil these changing test demands.


First 500 VUH free

Here's the keys, take it for a drive. For all customers, the first 500 VUH are free every month.

Standard Pricing
4.5¢ per VUH

Market leading pricing. Billed monthly in 15 minute increments

Volume Discount
3.6¢ per VUH

Use more, pay even less with 20% discount when you use above 20k VUH. Billed monthly in 15 minute increments

Custom Plan

If you have high-volume needs (>100k VUH/month) or wish to self-host, contact us for a plan that suits your needs
Feature Summary
Max concurrent users
Load Generators
Unlimited, auto scaled for on-demand tests as needed based on tool and concurrent users.
Number of tests
Max test duration
12 hours
Data retention
1 year, encrypted at rest.
Supported tools
Protocol level: JMeter, Gatling,
Browser level: Flood Element, Selenium
APM Integrations
API access
Single Sign On (Google Apps, GitHub)
Enabled (ADFS available upon request)
Permissions Management
On demand, 24/5 support available to all paying customers, plus free access to our load testing community.
On-Premise load generators

Pricing FAQ

What is a Virtual User Hour (VUH)?

Virtual User Hours are an industry standard way to price load testing products in order to make it easy to compare prices across providers. A single VUH is equal to simulating 1 user for 1 hour, or 2 users for 30 minutes.

What is the smallest interval I will be billed for?

Across all tools and infrastructure (on demand, hosted, or on premise), you will be billed in 15 minute (0.25hr) intervals, rounded up. Example, a 1000 user test running for 25 minute test would consume 500 VUHs.

When will I be billed?

We will meter your usage throughout the month and charge you at the end of the month, after applying tiered discounts across all usage.

What payment options do you offer?

All pay as you go plans require a valid credit card. Invoice/PO available for annual commitments.

Can I set a budget threshold on my account?

We will be supporting this feature in the near future.

Can I get a discount for purchasing in advance?

Yes, we offer discounts of up to 73% on our tiered pricing for sustained usage above 250k VUHs, purchased in advance on an annual contract. Talk to sales

How do I convert from Node Hours to VUH?

1 Node Hour is roughly equal to 500 VUH.

How much will it cost to run a test?

We display an estimated cost prior to running each test based on the number of users, regions, and tool chosen. After your test completes, we calculate the actual cost based on the number of concurrent users which we detected.

Where can I view how much I will be charged?

Your current monthly usage is displayed at the top of the screen and updated automatically after each test completes.

What is the minimum commitment?

As of January, 2020, there are no minimum term or usage commitments, and all features previously reserved for Enterprise customers are available to all customers.

Anything unclear? Talk to our team and find answers to your questions.
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