Flood Insights (Beta)

Historical Performance Analysis

Insights is a Business Intelligence (BI) style analysis engine for understanding performance across multiple tests, regions, tools, or anything you decide to query.

Identify trends

Insights gathers data from all tools, across all test runs, allowing you to compare historical results over time and spot performance regressions.

Multiple dimensions

Insights gathers results in multiple dimensions, including labels, streams, and floods, as well as multiple aggregation percentiles for further analysis so that you don't miss important details.

Share results

Sharing performance results inside your company is one of the pillars of creating a performance first culture. Insights supports sharing live links to reports and PDFs for team members outside of Flood.

Join the Insights beta program

Insights is currently available only to select customers on request while we build out the features which will make it a truly indispensable tool for your team. If you'd like to take part in the beta, please schedule a demo and discuss your requirements with our team.