Cloud Load Testing

Make running tests on the cloud as easy as running locally

Reduce time spent provisioning and maintaining virtual machines and increase the time you spend load testing.

Unified cloud orchestration

Coordinate all your load generators from a single interface. Upload your script once and run it from dozens of machines on AWS or Azure.

Multiple geographical locations

Run your test from a variety of cities across the world to test the effect of network latency on application performance.

Resource utilization metrics

Monitor the health of your cloud-based load generators while a test is running to reduce extraneous variables and ensure the integrity of your load test at all times.

What makes our cloud load testing different

Spin up infrastructure on demand

Get started with the least amount of setup by starting as few or as many load generators as you need on our cloud, and pay only for what you use.

Run protocol-based and browser-based tools for the same price

Execute your Element and Selenium scripts on the cloud as efficiently as you would your JMeter and Gatling scripts, or run a combination of them for maximum coverage.

Trigger load tests using Flood's API

Script and schedule tests on the cloud programmatically using our API endpoints.

Get Started

Flood is the easiest way to progress your load testing from your local machine to the cloud.