Load Testing

Single Page Apps

Load testing SPAs using Flood Element gives you a deeper understanding of application and system performance which is not possible with traditional load testing tools.

Full browser instances

Using real browser instances to generate load makes it possible to perform any user interaction and generate load as a side effect.

DOM element scripting

Test single-page applications by writing scripts based on actual user interactions with the page rather than HTTP requests.

No correlation

Browser based load tests eliminate the need for network layer correlation common in protocol based tools. This dramatically reduces test complexity and maintenance.

Client-side metrics

When you have a full browser instance you gain access to additional performance metrics which cannot be measured over the network. Including page paint time, DOM interaction time, Time to First Interactive (TTFI), and custom performance marks and measures.

Modern frameworks

Load testing React, Angular, Vue, or Ember applications was not previously possible, which meant correlating user behaviour at the API layer or restricting testing to certain easy to test endpoints.


View results from browser-level tests in the same consistent format as protocol-level tests so that your reports don't have to change just because your tools do.

What makes our browser based load testing different

Flood Element

Element is built in-house (and open-sourced) by the Flood team. It is built entirely on top of Google's Puppeteer automation framework, which achieves higher performance per machine than any existing browser based load testing product.

View screenshots on error

See exactly what happened on the browser page when failures occur using Flood Element. Screenshots allow you to spot application or scripting errors you didn't expect.

Combine Protocol and Browser

Get a holistic view of application performance by running Element or Selenium scripts in tandem with your JMeter or Gatling scripts. You shouldn't have to choose: Flood costs the same regardless of the tool you use.

Get Started

Flood is the easiest way to progress your load testing from your local machine to the cloud.