Announcing the Release of the New Flood Explorer

We've made some exciting new changes to the dashboard you know and love. The new dashboard is called Explorer, and here's everything that's new! With Explorer, you'll be able to monitor your cloud load testing executions with more accuracy than before.

We are very excited to introduce a new major step forward in Flood’s continuous load testing story: the release of our completely overhauled Flood Explorer.  With this new release, all Flood customers will get access to an enhanced UI that makes the often daunting task of finding performance bottlenecks more straightforward and easy to accomplish.

What is included in the release of the new Flood Explorer?

The new Flood Explorer offers several new views and capabilities for slicing and dicing your load test results:

  • Project Timeline view: easily compare the results of all tests runs in a project over time, to see any major trends or outliers in key metrics like response time, failed transaction rate, or throughput.

  • Cards: quickly scroll through key statistics about past test executions to validate key benchmarks have been met.  When any out of the normal benchmarks are present, quickly hover over the card to highlight that run in the Project Timeline View.

  • Time Filter: look at a specific recent time period (last 7 days, last 30 days, etc.) to only view runs in the desired window.  

  • New Controls: updated controls to easily be able to filter in on a certain period of time, select and unselect certain key metrics, and more.
  • Enhanced single test view: streamlined controls, improved color palette, and enhanced performance for the familiar view of the results of a single Flood.

Why did you decide to enhance the Flood Explorer?

As one of the most popular features in Flood, we pay close attention to the Explorer to ensure it is always exceeding our customer’s expectations.  With this new release, we aim to deliver:

  • Improved ability to view performance trends over time
  • Improved ability to identify and drill down into performance outliers
  • Enhanced ability to adapt the look and feel of the Explorer view to your liking
  • Increased performance when loading large amounts of test result data in Flood Explorer
  • Consistency with the UI in the other areas of the Flood application

Additionally, there were a lot of enhancements made to the back end architecture which were equally, if not more challenging than the front end enhancements.  These changes were made in order to:

  • Improve scalability to the test results storage
  • Improve performance when querying for large amounts of test result data
  • Prepare for future enhancements to reporting, including comparison reporting and customizable reporting notebooks

Who can use the new Flood Explorer?

The Flood Explorer is available to all customers of Flood, regardless of package.  Simply click into the “Floods” area in any project, and you should be presented with the new Explorer UI for that project.

How can I become familiar with the new Flood Explorer?

If you are interested to learn more about this exciting new feature, please make sure to reference our article covering how to use the new Flood Explorer.

If you have any feedback to share on the new Flood Explorer, we’d love to hear it.  Please feel free to share it with us by contacting our team.

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