On-Premise Load Testing

On-premise load generation with cloud based analysis.

Flexible deployment

Flood Agent is the same binary we run in the cloud to generate load, it can be deployed within Docker, on bare-metal, or virtualized in VMWare.

Broad tool support

Flood Agent allows you to run the exact same tool versions we run on Flood, either natively or isolated in containers. Running within Agent gives you the ability to use your own tool versions, plugins, and configuration.

Multiple OS support

Flood Agent is delivered as a single binary for each OS — weighing in at a modestly lightweight 100MB — and supporting Windows, Linux, and macOS.


Bring the power of Flood to your data centre

Flood Agent allows you to run the same tools which we run in the cloud, within your own data centre or corporate network.


Zero-config Docker load testing

For a real zero-config setup, start Docker and Flood Agent, and it uses the latest tooling images maintained by the Flood team for JMeter, Gatling, and Element. 

Bare-metal load testing

When you need complete control over your load testing tools, whether it's for compliance or just running a non-standard configuration, Flood Agent gives you total flexibility by allowing you to use your local tool installations, plugins, and configs.

On-premise JMeter

Load testing with JMeter behind the firewall is low maintenance, high performing, and requires minimal infrastructure to get started. Flood Agent can run JMeter in a container or locally using your JMeter version and plugins, making it easy to debug issues at runtime.

On-premise Gatling

Gatling achieves some of the highest concurrency load tests on commodity hardware of any tool available, and of course, it can easily be deployed using Flood Agent with all the same benefits and experience of our other tools.

Real Browser load testing on-premise

Running Element on-premise requires a little more infrastructure than JMeter or Gatling, but it still achieves the highest browser density per server of any browser-based load testing tool on the market.

Get Started with Flood Agent

Flood Agent can be deployed on almost any platform, including Windows, Linux, and macOS, which makes it suitable for a wide range of applications within your own data center or private cloud.