API Load Testing

Get to the root cause of your performance bottlenecks and find out which API endpoints are letting your customers down.

Test Builder

Create API load testing scripts using a beginner-friendly interface to simulate user actions.

Open source load testing tools

Re-use your existing JMeter and Gatling API load testing scripts to run tests on Flood.

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Transaction detail view

Drill down to the transaction level, so you know exactly what needs fixing.

New to API load testing?

What makes our API load testing different?


Get started with our web based Test Builder, a no-coding interface that's easy to use for beginners and advanced load testers alike. Learn more.

Control everything

Set test parameters on the Flood UI on the fly and have them automatically passed to your JMeter and Gatling tests, reducing script modification. Learn more.

Quickly identify errors

Get immediate access to HTTP response codes and bodies from your test, collated from all your load generators, so you can fix errors as soon as they come up. Learn more.

Get Started with API load testing

Build a script or bring your existing JMeter or Gatling scripts to Flood and you'll be load testing in minutes.