Prepare for market volatility

Protect your application against the stock market's euphoric highs and depressing lows using risk-based load testing.




18 hours

Create test scripts easily

Write resilient load testing scripts in minutes and ensure end-to-end testing of your signup process to prepare for a sudden influx of customers.

Run your load tests in the cloud

Simulate the effect of panic buying and selling from one user-friendly dashboard before the opening bell rings.

Reduce your risk under load

Money talks—make sure disgruntled users don't! Run thousands of virtual users to test the most popular orders your customers place.

What makes our load testing solution different

Real-time results

You don't make your users wait to see their results— neither do we! You can monitor load test on a combined dashboard while it's running so that you can make decisions faster.

Support for the industries best tooling

We support robust open-source tools that you can use to write your scripts, even with little to no scripting experience.

Expert insights

We analyze industry trends and use our performance testing experience to help you plan for the viral effect of fear.

Insights from our blog:

Start Testing Right Now

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