Release Preview for Flood Insights

We're excited to release a preview of Flood Insights

Jr Korpa (@korpa)

Use Insights to formulate questions and discover answers about your load testing data.

We're excited to release a preview of what we've been calling Flood Insights. Insights lets you ask and answer your own questions about the Floods you've run. It's a fully-fledged Business Intelligence platform operating on the measurements captured from your load tests. Lots of you have asked for more control over how to interpret the data collected by Flood and now it's here.

Ask and answer your own questions

Until now Flood has been trying to answer all of your questions. It's impossible to predict everything that every customer needs, so this has always been a game of catch-up. No longer! Insights is all about giving you the power to think about your needs, query the data, and build representations that give you the exact answers you need. Maybe:

  • You want to narrow down where these failed requests are coming from and you discover it's all from the ap-southeast regions.
  • You ran the same flood 2 weeks ago, and you want to check if performance has regressed. You discover it's in one label, and you're able to compare the values for that label specifically.
  • Your client needs a table summary of passed and failed requests per minute for every minute after ramp-up is complete.

All this and more is possible now that you're in control of the questions. You start with a source, filter it to your desired dataset, summarize the data in some way and then visualize. The basic sources are the measurement tables but you can source from other questions you've asked before too. This lets you combine measurements, do multi-step aggregations, or even just remix off your previous work.

Where did my concurrent users come from?

Once you have some questions, you can make a dashboard. Which is a collection of questions, laid out as you wish, with the option for filters up the top. Finally, save your questions and dashboards for future use and reference.

Create dashboards

Insights lets you create Dashboards as well as questions. Gather a set of questions and arrange them into a single-page layout. Dashboards let you arrange on a grid, intersperse text and pictures, and add filters that can control one or more questions at the same time. Dashboards are perfect for:

  • Ad-hoc reports.
  • Re-usable analytical tools for your Floods.
  • Metrics dashboards to keep an eye on your service health.
  • Anything else you might want multiple questions on a page for.
A custom dashboard to compare different Floods.

Let us know how it goes

We're really excited to be putting Insights out there as a public beta. All active users of Flood have access, and we'd love to hear what you think about it! Also, if you come across any rough edges, now is the time to let us know.

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