Say Hello to James

Meet James, one of our hard-working engineers. He's joined Flood with an extensive experience in graphic design and a keen eye for detail. James hails from Sydney, Australia.

Please say hello to James Hiscock, one of the members of our distributed engineering team.

James has been at flood for nearly a year now and brings 10 years of experience making websites to the team. He can build a UI and tune an API, but he's got a lot to learn about this new Kubernetes thing.

Half of James's career has been building data visualizations and d3 is in his blood. It's no surprise he's been working on our reporting features. He's incredibly excited to bring you long-awaited improvements in this area very soon!

James trained as both a graphic designer and a programmer, so he loves putting together a fresh UI. On top of that he's always on the lookout for new techniques to improve the quality, performance or UX of a given UI. He has been known to dream of how something he's building could work.

James cares most about the people. The people that use software as well as the people that build it.

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