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Foulk Consulting

Foulk is our preferred performance testing partner in the United States.

Foulk Consulting Company Logo
Foulk Consulting Company Logo

For more than 18 years, Foulk Consulting has provided high-caliber industry-leading services across the entire IT landscape. Whether working with a Fortune 100 company or a small, dynamic up-and-coming IT organization, Foulk Consulting will align your IT initiatives and transformation journey with our approach. Our ultimate goal is improving your ability to serve your constituents and customers.

Flood Product Expertise:


Gatling is a high performing, open source load testing tool. Gatling simulates load at the protocol level, with a strong focus on web-based applications and related protocols.


Load testing with real browsers enables your team to test new applications, reduce test complexity, and reduce script maintenance, all with one tool.


Flood Grid handles deploying load generators such as JMeter or Element to the cloud at the press of a button, so that you can focus on results.


Apache JMeter™ is a widely used, well known, and accessible, open source load testing tool. JMeter simulates load at the protocol level, and while it focuses on web-based applications, it also supports many other protocols.

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